The restoration of a club chair must be carried out according to the rules of the art by an artisan Upholsterer – saddler who works with quality materials, only full grain leathers will age well and give a real patina to your chair

The repair time for a club chair can vary between 15 to 30 hours. It is not obligatory to change the entire chair, only damaged or end-of-life parts can be changed.

The leather most often used to cover a club chair is full-grain basane leather (sheep leather), it comes from a French tannery in Tarn. It sits wet on the chair and dries for 2 days.

Then comes the patina chosen by the customer. Several colors are possible, thanks to our know-how and our different waxes. We give shades to the leather which allows us to have a patinated leather which gives an old appearance to your armchair.

To get a precise quote on the complete or partial renovation (depending on the parts to be changed) of your club chair, you can send us an email with some detailed information below.


To get a quick and free quote during the day, send:

  • 4 photos view: 45°, front, side, back
  • 3 dimensions: height, width, depth

to : ateliergru@gmail.com