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Leather Club Bar Armchair


The Great Paul


The Paul


The Jean


The Jacques


The Barthélémy


The Pierre


Our club chairs are upholstered in vegetable horsehair. It is non-dusty, non-allergenic, very good resistance to compression. It is then wrapped in burlap and then with linen stake string, a bottom stitch keeps the horsehair in its place. Cotton wool and white canvas cover the entire armchair before applying the leather.

We use biconical springs. They are sewn with jute webbing. A guide puts pressure and allows the springs to be placed in such a way that it already reforms the seat. They are then wrapped in strong burlap to prevent the horsehair from escaping into the basket of springs.

The cushions of our armchairs are filled with 50% feathers for softness, 50% polyester fibers to restore the shape of the cushion. We make our piping in the same leather as that of the armchair, which harmonizes and makes your armchair elegant.

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