Leather craftsman workshop, saddle maker, upholsterer


Find a cabinetmaking and upholstery workshop

The cabinetmaking and upholsterer company Atelier GRU is located 1 hour from Paris, close to the A1 in a small village in the middle of the Compiègne state forest. An artisan upholsterer, he offers his restoration services for any style of armchair or seat in leather or fabric.

Is my project feasible?

Are you looking for an artisan upholsterer and decorator? You have an armchair or seat restoration project. Our cabinetmaking and tapestry workshop is there to support you in your project. if you are a decorator or architect, depending on your plans we can establish a precise quote. Thanks to our cabinetmaking workshop, we can manufacture the wooden structure and your seats and armchair, then in the upholstery workshop upholster it in the traditional way with horsehair or modern with foam. Saving time for you because our upholsterer artisans and cabinet makers work in the same workshop.

For custom-made benches and seats for halls, cafeterias, restaurants, smoking rooms, cinemas, bars, lounges. depending on the project the relay can be from 1 to 6 months. Whether for palaces like the Plaza Athénée, the Lutetia, the Bristol, the Meurice, the Royal Monceau. the Gru workshop can respond to all your craziest projects!

What are the manufacturing times?

It takes 1 month to restore an armchair or seat. As soon as we have the chair and fabric in our workshops we begin work.

For the restoration of a fabric sofa it also takes 1 month.

Installation and Delivery

The Gru workshop is an upholstery workshop and a cabinetmaking workshop 1 hour from Paris, a speed of delivery and manufacturing which allows it to respond to rapid and quality projects. its artisan upholsterer and artisan upholsterer decorator travels throughout Paris and 100km around its workshop in Compiègne in the Oise.

Who are the material suppliers?

The Gru workshop works with several suppliers, tapestry supplies such as Houles, Roby, Leobert, artapisserie, houles trimmings, Ile de France trimmings.