The History of the club chair

Certain objects bring our interior to life through their beauty and functionality. This is the case of the legendary club chair, called a “comfortable chair” when it was created at


What leather for my club chair?

Leather Club armchair: why choose this noble covering? Since its creation, the leather Club armchair has continued to evolve while keeping one objective in mind: to be comfortable. Even if


Everything you need to know about leather

Cowhide leather: Full grain Aniline: it’s high-end, a living, noble material. It has retained its original surface: The flower. It reveals the characteristics of the skin (natural texture and wrinkles).


Origin of woods

The different woods we use come from our French forests; Most often around the Workshop (in the Oise) we find various species of wood: Oak, Chestnut, Acacia, Linden, Ash, Beech,