What leather for my club chair?


Leather Club armchair: why choose this noble covering?

Since its creation, the leather Club armchair has continued to evolve while keeping one objective in mind: to be comfortable. Even if this exceptional seat takes several forms and has been adorned with multiple accessories over the ages, one material has always been present: leather.

At Atelier Gru, we are committed to continuing the tradition with quality leather and artisanal manufacturing offering trim in two different ways. Here’s everything you need to know about our leather club chairs.

The advantages of the leather Club armchair.
Previously called “Comfortable Armchair”, the Club Armchair has always had a leather covering. Nowadays, fabric or synthetic alternatives are appearing, offering Club armchairs at knockdown prices.
Although the prices are attractive, these seats do not have the same properties as a handcrafted leather Club chair designed with durable materials. Discover the main benefits of leather.

A timeless decorative seat

There is no doubt, the vintage club chair is a real decorative object. Its rounded shape, soft seat and long armrests invite you to relax or read. Brown, black or another color, the seat appeared for the first time in the Gentlemen’s Club, gives character to the room.
The leather Club armchair is just as welcome in your home as in restaurants, hotels or work offices. How not to succumb to this classic of vintage decoration?

Durable and comfortable furniture

The leather Club armchair offers unrivaled comfort and a longevity of around thirty years. In all honesty, don’t plan to keep a synthetic Club chair as long as a handcrafted chair!
Its imposing solid wood structure has a lot to do with it! Solid, it resists heavy loads and everyday risks. The choice of materials greatly influences the durability of the seat. This is why the high-quality leather covering guarantees comfortable seating, easy maintenance and resistance to any test.

A surprising legacy

The strength and durability of the vintage club chair offer a most precious heirloom.
Passed down from generation to generation, this exceptional furniture contains a whole history engraved in its leather.
Indeed, leather takes the marks of time and ages relatively well. Each fold, crack and other signs of wear transcribe his experience. Ultimately, this unique piece has a real soul and becomes a family heirloom.

The 2 types of leather used during the design.
The Gru workshop uses two different leathers during the manufacturing process of the artisanal Club armchair. See how we continue this know-how.

The traditional material: sheepskin leather.
Basane leather (also called “full grain leather”) comes from sheep and helps maintain the authenticity of vintage furniture. From the beginning of its history, the leather Club armchair owes its quality to this type of material.
This leather is vegetable tanned, then patinated and waxed by hand. Atelier Gru sources its supplies from Azaïs & Cie for their century-old know-how in the vegetable tanning technique while respecting the environment. In fact, most of the Club armchairs on our site are made by this tavern.
In order to maintain all its beauty and resistance, sheepskin leather must be nourished once or twice a year.

The practical alternative: cowhide leather

For professionals wishing to use leather club chairs in their restaurant or hotel, cowhide leather (or “full grain cowhide leather”) is preferred.
This unique material has a cloudy satin appearance whose quality and resistance remains the number 1 choice. Unlike full-grain leather, cowhide leather requires no maintenance since this material naturally patinates over time.

Atelier Gru uses cowhide leather from Tassin. This leatherworker distributes leathers treated in European tanneries while respecting technical environmental and safety standards.

Some basic maintenance rules.

  • The leather covering of the Club armchair should be treated with care. Even if maintenance remains minimal, it is advisable to extend the life of the seat with some good
  • Be careful not to expose your leather armchair near a heat source (fireplace or sun) as this risks drying out the leather;
  • Remove dust with a soft or even slightly damp cloth;
  • Keep sharp objects and pets away to avoid the slightest risk of tearing.

By following these few tips, you will be able to keep your leather Club chair for many years!

Atelier Gru advocates artisanal manufacturing.
Our craftsmanship pushes us to shape the smallest details of the Club armchair.
This noble furniture is entirely designed by hand over around thirty hours, in our workshop located in Compiègne. We advocate French and 100% artisanal manufacturing using only noble materials.
In the case of leather, it is placed wet on the chair before drying for 2 full days. Subsequently, the material is patinated and can take on several shades thanks to our different waxes.

Atelier Gru offers to dress your Club armchair in leather in several different colors (red, green, orange, yellow, brown or even blue).
Is your Club chair worn and damaged? Don’t think about parting with your furniture anymore, but entrust us with your seat to restore its beauty. Our unique know-how allows you to restore your leather Club armchair in the traditional way using
quality and durable materials. It thus regains all its letters of nobility.

As we have seen, investing in a leather Club chair has many advantages in terms of quality and longevity. Trust the unique know-how of Atelier Gru to acquire your future French-made club chair by supporting the artisans!