Recognize and choose your club chair without making a mistake


What shape do club chairs have?

The club chair has existed for more than 100 years, the first lounge chairs were very imposing and heavy, in very dark leather. Over the years, they have become lighter, the shapes have become lighter and more harmonious.

At our GRU workshop, we have modernized the shape of the club chair thanks to our two cabinetmaking and upholstery workshops, to make the club chair thinner. This made a pretty club chair, a gentleman’s chair, less massive, more elegant, beautiful to the eye.

We worked on the patinas to make them brighter with modern, non-aging colors. Which previously made the chair massive and dark.

To choose your club chair, there are different models, fabric club chairs or leather club chairs. The most harmonious club chair has rounded shapes. different models of club chairs with straight armrests, round back, half round back, mustache back, police hat back. A high seat, a low seat, a deep seat, a trapezoid seat, a round seat. We have studied the perfect seat for our club armchairs, a seat that is neither too high nor too low, a seat with the ideal dimension. For the different models of club armchair, there is the gendarme hat (hat-shaped backrest), the mustache (mustache-shaped backrest), the aviator or cigar chair with its spindle shape, the backrest is thinner from the front, it is often made of wood on the outside.


What size should my club chair or club sofa be?

To choose the size of your club chair or club sofa, it depends on the use and the space you are going to have. To read a book or drink a coffee, a club armchair with a seat that is not too deep will be comfortable like the Paul armchair.

To watch a film or take a nap after a hearty meal, an armchair with a deep seat for slumping will be very comfortable like the Grand Paul armchair or the André armchair or the club bar armchair. In the seat of our armchairs, we have put the best materials: in the cushion to make it soft and plump, a mixture of duck feathers and polyester fiber.

le jean

The springs are located under the cushion with a basket seat of biconical springs, held by a steel rod, with a winding for exceptional durability over time, this is what makes for quality, comfort and longevity. We are the only artisans to make it this way.

Can I ask to modify an existing armchair model?

If you are fussy about the details of your armchair or for a particularity that you want on your armchair, we can modify the armchair according to your wishes, according to your choices.

A piping here, a front too thick, no studs in the back, a more generous shape. We manufacture our club armchairs and sofas only to order, so we will be delighted to personalize it for you as much as possible, so that it fits perfectly into your modern or old interior so that it can stand the test of time.

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Is the upholstery of the Chesterfield sofa or armchair comfortable?

Yes, the recent upholstery of a Chesterfield sofa or armchair is comfortable, at the time it was very firm because plant hair was used to upholster the Chesterfields. At the GRU workshop, we use bultex foam of different densities and thicknesses to fill our Chesterfield club chairs and Chesterfield club sofas. We even prefer to use cushions for the seat (being softer) than an upholstered seat.


Recognize a good and real club or Chesterfield armchair?

To know how to recognize if a leather club chair is of quality and high-end, you must choose Made in France. The workshop uses quality materials adapted to the structure of the armchair, the structure must be made of solid beech wood for its quality and robustness. The assembly of the different crosspieces must be carried out using mortise tenons, no nails or screws!

The filling: webbing with crisscrossed jute straps, to which the 4mm biconical steel springs are fixed, a knotted luff, a linen rope must be held in place with seeds. The different jute or cotton canvases must cover the horsehair or bultex foam padding. The armchair or sofa can be covered in fabric or full grain leather, at our GRU workshop, it is patinated by hand according to the choice of each customer.