Origin of woods


The different woods we use come from our French forests; Most often around the Workshop (in the Oise) we find various species of wood: Oak, Chestnut, Acacia, Linden, Ash, Beech, Cherry, Gray, Douglas.

We work with sawmills that have PEFC certification which provides the consumer with the guarantee that a
product bearing this brand is part of an approach
responsible for sustainable forest management.

The PEFC certification program is based on two complementary pillars:

The application of specifications relating to sustainable forest management. It includes in particular the ban on the use of GMOs or the obligation to preserve a few dead trees per hectare to promote biodiversity…
The establishment of a chain of control which ensures the traceability and reliability of PEFC certified products from the forest to the finished product, including all stages of processing and marketing of the wood or wood-based product .


The CE logo certifies that the wood sawn here and intended for construction meets the requirements of the European and French directive.
NF EN 14081-1 +A1.
Our rectangular section structural timbers are therefore classified according to their species, their mechanical resistance, their reaction to fire and their natural durability.